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My Interview

Made by: Matt Collamer

FOUNDER of Adfectu: Nick Iby

First things first, thank you so much for taking the time to browse my website. I am a one man show over here and have done my best designing the website. If you are curious to know me a little bit more, I’ve used some bullet points to describe who I am/what I do !

 -I am 22yrs young & based outside of Boston, MA

-Graduated from Lasell College in 2018 Magna Cumme Laude with a BS in Entrepreneurship and minor in mathematics 

-Hobbies include but not limited to: Drawing (obviously), Meditation, Skateboarding, Reading, Journaling, Hiking, Podcast-ing, & More

-If you want ten percent off just use the code ,about10, for the discount :) 

 -As I mentioned in the interview I started Adfectu because of a hard time in my life and used drawing as therapy. I hope I can inspire those of you who are going through something tough and can be an example in that things do get better, you are never given anything you cannot handle

Fun Story


In high school, I would fall asleep in Spanish class and my teacher said I either stay awake or fail. So I chose to doodle! 

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